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  • 10th MTN ·
    hi max, I posted a couple if pics of the chain case in the garage. Its not perfect but close and I think with some time you can make it work.

    I looked for an OEM fir months with no luck!
    10th MTN ·
    Hi Max,

    Im here, but I have been on the road going this thing called work.

    So i purchased a chain guard from z1, for I think $60US. I fits really close, its the same style, looks almost exactly like the OEM. BUT it was to long so dremelled off about two inch and then sanded off the rough edges and smoothed it out. I cut it so the forward bolt hold linked up perfectly, but the second bolt is off by about a quarter of an inch. I was planing on widening out that hole, but I have not gotten around to doing it yet. I just have not had the time and now in south Texas its ridding season, with three bikes, I have been running the Z900 mostly but my time is limited.

    I still have the issue with the front caliper (on the GPZ) pad is dragging, pistons not fully returning, and I have all the parts to rebuilt it, but have not gotten around to it.

    Ill try and put a pic of the chain guard and post it in the garage
    maxredline ·
    Hey Pete
    I thought my bike was nice.
    You have a real cherry there.

    No real tips or secrets with the brakes other than clean, clean,clean and be careful when fitting the pistons so that they don't bind and score the cylinders.
    If you ever sell that bike let me know 8)
    10th MTN ·
    Thank you Max,

    It sat stored somewhere for 20 years must have been covered and must have prepped for storage. No rust in the tank, perfect paint, runs like champ. It even came with the original 4 into 2 stock pipes in perfect condition. I was amazed.

    Currently I'm having an issue with my front brakes and a sticking caliper piston, they are not working right and its squeaking bad. I put new pads on, the run out on the rotors is ok, so I ordered (and received) all new parts for a complete (both) caliper rebuild and the parts for the master cylinder rebuild. Do you have any tips? I have done this before but it was 20 years ago, I also have the service manual.

    Thanks, Pete in SA
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