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  • kopcicle ·
    I don't know how to put this other than something twigged my "Marty Radar" . If not Marty it is something close to the same thing . Maybe it was the near instant gravitation to the donkey thread by a new user . Maybe it was the "Giant ego warning" post directed at me by a double digit midget . (not a personal thing really . I have a very thick skin and I know I provoke all kinds of reactions here) . Maybe it was the location (British Columbia) . Maybe it was space weather , phases of the moon and sunspots. Never the less this user , for the time being at least , needs a bit of investigation and observation .

    So call it paranoia and let it pass or join in my delusion and check it out .

    and complete contact info for an update of sorts .

    AF7XT Dennis R Andring
    10217 2nd Ave. SW Seattle
    Washington 98146
    (253)457-4901 personal cell
    [email protected] personal email
    kopcicle ·
    Just Fyi. "Does the name "Ruby Begonia" sound familiar "?

    I've only been doing this a little while so forgive me if I'm sending moderation/administration on an undomesticated ornithological expidition...

    User "Pamela" Kawasaki Motorcycle Forums - View Profile: Pamela . Does this user have anything in common with a previous or current user ? Be it IP or email or a very recent email or ?
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