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  1. Vulcan 900 Classic LT

    Kawasaki Cruisers
    I've never owned a 900 but have ridden with several people who have. They never hesitated to ride long distances once the bike was set up for them. You know: wind shield, lowers, seat, etc., all those personal touches that make it fit for the duty.
  2. 2003 Kawasaki VN1500L4 Vulcan Nomad Cruise Control?

    Kawasaki Cruisers
    Don't discount the seller as "full of crap" just b/c of a cruise control. There are several high quality units that can be installed.
  3. Necro posts

    Community Help
    We might get a little dig in for a giggle but generally I don't think anyone minds old thread revival. The giggle comes in when someone asks a ghost questions.
  4. Belt, Shaft or Chain?

    Kawasaki Cruisers
    For 1500+ cruisers, absolutely a shaft drive. Cleaner, easy maintenance, no alignment or tensioning issues. The loss of power transmission (it is the least efficient of the 3) is negligible for cruisers. We generally don't expect the to perform like their sportier cousins.
  5. MS how hard to put grips on?

    Kawasaki Cruisers
    Really easy. Like above, make sure you have the diameter and length you need. I went to the drug store and asked the little girl for the strongest hairspray they've got. Clean, spray, slide on, let dry in the sun.
  6. Constrictor's Caddman Air Mod Tutorial (56k Warning)

    Projects and "How To" Write Ups
    I kinda doubt it, that was a long time ago.
  7. Constrictor's Caddman Air Mod Tutorial (56k Warning)

    Projects and "How To" Write Ups
    Good find! I've not seen either of those before.
  8. LED indicators

    Kawasaki Touring and Sport Touring
    When I installed LED turn signals I had to add resistors
  9. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    I open the discussions I follow as pictured. Is the a way to go directly to the first unread post of the thread?
  10. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    Question #1- is it possible to get rid of the area on the right I've marked in this pic? It takes up about 25% of my screen.
  11. Oil drain round off help

    Main Lobby
    Righty tighty, lefty loosey. When looking directly at the head of the bolt, counterclockwise loosens.
  12. We are Moving!

    Community Help
    Look, there's no need to get personal. IMNSHO you've crossed the linewith the chidish name calling. Learn some manners fer crisesake!! Thread closed.
  13. Any other Concours 14 Riders Here?

    Kawasaki Touring and Sport Touring
    I have an older model FJR, an '07 with nearly 125K miles. The Connie is often blacklisted simply b/c it has no cruise control, how have you overcome this? I have 2 different throttle locks installed.
  14. Issue with starting 2007 Vulcan 2000 classic lt

    Kawasaki Cruisers
    Sounds like it's time for a battery replacement to me.
  15. Attaching images

    From where are you attempting to drag and drop? The image has to be on your computer, it typically cannot be attached from a phone. When you d & D, does the drop area turn "active"? Inserting/embedding an image requires the use of a 3rd party hosting site. Are you doing that?
  16. ‘99 Drifter 1500 won’t go in gear

    Main Lobby
    What does that mean? If your bike stalls when you put it in gear maybe you should be checking safety switches. A faulty side stand switch will make it stall as soon as you put it in gear.
  17. Riding and navigating

    Riding Gear
    Navigating with a phone is, to me, useless. Most of the time my phone can't find itself in the middle of town. I use a Garmin GPS on the bike.
  18. 2012 Vulcan 900 classic bogs at higher speeds

    Kawasaki Cruisers
    Check the air filter. Had a buddy's bike collect mice and their new home inside his.
  19. Mobil 1 Oil to use

    Vintage Motorcyle Info
    This is IMHO a fallacy- how much an oil costs has nothing to do with how well it performs in any given circumstance. I highly recommend oil sampling analysis to determine what's right for your engine and your wallet. Owners are nearly always spending way more than necessary. I use...
  20. ABS light after rotor change

    Kawasaki Streetbikes/Sportbikes
    I don't have one of your bikes but do ride an ABS one. Did you open the braking system fluid lines? Typical causes are sensor corrosion, cable damage and improper reassembly. Plus on our bikes, the ABS system sometimes needs a mile or two of riding to reset.
1-20 of 449 Results