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  1. Rear turn signal issues

    Community Help
    Sounds like the bike is wired for running lights and turn signals, but the lights you got are only signal lights. 2 filament bulbs (1157) - 1 filament bulb (1156). Most bikes have combo light at the front and single lights in the back. but I have seen some use the signal lights as brake...
  2. Aluminum engine degreaser?

    The Mechanics Corner
    Most motorcycle shops have S-100 cleaner. Spray on hose off. It works well
  3. Unusual Brake Problem Help!

    Kawasaki Streetbikes/Sportbikes
    For Fried Chicken A poor mans dial caliper is a screw driver set on top of a box with the tip just touching the disc. Rotate it slowly and see if it stays in contact all the way around. You can use feeler gauges to measure any clearance. The disc will push the screwdriver back when it is bent...
  4. 82 gpz speedometer

    Accessory Swap Meet
    I am looking for help with my 1982 GPZ550 speedometer/ instrument cluster. The speedometer started to make noise and now has stopped working. I can see that the needle is not in the correct position. Does anyone have a gauge they are willing to sell,or know a repair shop for speedometers in the US.
  5. Help with my 82 kz750m csr

    Main Lobby
    Take the spark plugs out see if it turns over. That should let you know if it is the starter or the engine that is not spinning.
  6. '78 KZ650B Fuel System Leak Mystery

    Vintage Motorcyle Info
    As stated above. If fuel is leaking out of an overflow you have two failures. The first is the vacuum petcock didn't turn off and is leaking, and the second is that a carb float valve is leaking. The float valve is what keeps the fuel level at the correct position while the bike is running. If...
  7. kz440 headlight doesn't work

    Vintage Motorcyle Info
    You should be able to take the tank off with fuel in the tank. Kawasaki uses a vacuum controlled fuel petcock. It should have a run/ reserve/ prime position. No Fuel should run out with it in the run and reserve position unless the engine is running. If it is leaking without the bike running the...
  8. air shocks

    Vintage Motorcyle Info
    Yes the forks use air as part of the suspension. If the seals are leaking they will need to be repaired for the forks to work correctly. With no air the forks will be too soft for proper handling. The owners manual should give you the proper pressure. It may be on a sticker near the forks also.
  9. kz440 headlight doesn't work

    Vintage Motorcyle Info
    Start at the l/h grip switch housing and follow the wiring to where ever it goes. Into the headlight or under the tank until you find the disconnect point. The wiring dia. in the manual should be close if not exact. With the connector disconnected you can use a meter to check the wires to the...
  10. kz440 headlight doesn't work

    Vintage Motorcyle Info
    I would say yes to the wiring diagram so you can tell what wires are going to the dimmer switch. You can than also check the operation of the dimmer switch with a meter with the connector for the left handle bar disconnected. You will know what wire is the power supply from the fuse to the...
  11. 2000 KZ1000P Fueling Up

    Kawasaki Cruisers
    If you live in a state with vapor recovery systems on the fueling nozzle, that is just what you have to do. A motorcycle tank is not deep enough to fill it all the way if you could seat the vapor recovery device.
  12. '78 Z1R charging system question

    Vintage Motorcyle Info
    With a charged battery, unplug the 3 wires from your stator and check the A/C voltage between each of the wire sets. A-B, B-C, C-A. All the voltages should be the same +-0.1 v A/C. test at idle then use the idle speed control and raise the idle up to about 2500 RPM and test again. If the...
  13. Passenger Floorboards

    Kawasaki Cruisers
    I made my own from plastic cutting board material. I had found the design on a Vulcan 750 fourm. You unscrew the rubber from the original foot peg and replace it with the one you made. unable to attach photo look at my garage you can see one on my c-10
  14. '78 KZ650B Fuel System Leak Mystery

    Vintage Motorcyle Info
    If the carbs overflow with the petcock in the off position or it is the vacuum controlled type it is leaking also. If the vacuum type it can leak down the vacuum line and then the fuel might not come out of the overflow tube. They also have a small vent hole on the petcock body to allow the...
  15. Headlight problem

    On a 2003 Vulcan 750 I just had to repair the junction box due to no running lights, head lights ect. Found the headlight fuse socket melted and a internal solder connection to that lug on the circuit board cracked. No fuses were bad. I think the over heat was caused by a running light...
  16. Handeling problem

    Kawasaki Cruisers
    I had a cheep tire on one of my bikes and with just a little wear the bike got a bad shake. Replaced the tire and it went away.
  17. Carburetor leaking

    New Rider Forum
    Youtube is your friend. Shoodaben Engineering has several videos on the concours ZG1000 it is a inline 4 cyl with CV carbs. He is a carb expert on that bike. I also found videos on how to rebuild the CV carbs on my sons Vulcan 750. A hair drier can help to heat the carb boot and make them...
  18. Towing Questions

    Main Lobby
    I have a combination ramp and bed extender. It has three sections that when used as a ramp puts a hump in it. The last bike I bought the seller met me half way home and when he unloaded it from his trailer he damaged the aftermarket oil filter as the center of the bike came over the end of the...
  19. 2005 Vulcan 800 having issues.

    Main Lobby
    The float bowl may look clean but the float needle is not sealing or the float level is not set correctly. I do not have a shop manual for your bike but most float levels can be rough checked by attaching a clear tube to the drain at the bottom of the bowl and running it up along the bowl. Then...
  20. Oil Light on

    Kawasaki Streetbikes/Sportbikes
    look in the owners manual and find out if it has an oil pressure light or an oil level indicator. Look at the oil level in the sight glass. Troubleshoot the wiring and make sure the light is coming on at the correct time.(wiring open or grounded). Is the switch operating correctly of ether type...
1-20 of 41 Results