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This is a Kawasaki KZ 305B they started production in 1981 and were built as a six speed packing only 30 hp At 9000 RPM and only 18 foot pounds of torque They sit low enough and don’t weigh very much which is perfect for a beginning rider The low setting so you can have both feet planted when you were at a stop sign or stop light With disc brakes on the front and the drum on the rear Making it an easy stop every time.
I bought this motorcycle for my wife who has been wanting to learn how to ride I currently own a 1996 Vulcan Which is too much weight for her so I decided to go on the hunt for a small but fast enough bike to keep up with me And that’s when I stumbled upon this beautiful 1982 KZ305B1 and I was jealous that I promised her it will be hers when I get it running right, down here where I am from they are super hard to find in this kind of condition with only carburetor issues. The bike was kept in a shed for 3 years! The man I bought it off of bought it from a museum up in Michigan back in 1999 he only put just a little over 3000 miles on it and he kept the original Orange municipal title for it which I currently have he wrote me a bill of sale which was awesome now I have the title in a picture frame hanging on the wall The title itself is still in the museums name! Everything is all original OEM parts no aftermarket garbage! There is some obvious weather damage but nothing that is non-repairable! I just recently replaced the contact points, the battery, Fuel shut off valve for the gas tank the gas cap and now I just have to replace one of the carburetors and rebuild the other one. In the photo you will see the contact point cover missing that is because I have it taken off and I am sandblasting all the covers back to the polished aluminum!


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Exactly the bike I want to build a Cafe Racer!
Old, spoked, light.....well, lightish.