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  1. Kawasaki Streetbikes/Sportbikes
    So technically I dont have a bike, just couple motors to put on a dragster cart type deal. But What I have is a 1985 ZL-900 eliminator motor thats shaft driven, that I got to replace a 1975 z900 that was chain driven (case is cracked). But what I understand the GPz900R and the Zl-900 are the...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello All, I am new to the community. I've recently acquired four project Kawasaki's; 1979 KZ650 B-3, 1982 KZ750 LTD, 1985 ZL900 Eliminator, & a 1987 ZL1000 Eliminator. All four motorcycles are running, but they still need LOTS of work & T.L.C. I have many questions, since I am not an...
1-2 of 2 Results