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  1. Kawasaki ATV and Mule
    I recently picked up a project 400 Prairie. It had been sitting for a long time so I just purchased a new carb and intake and when installed it continuously pours gas out the Overflow tube. I have adjusted the float multiple times, it does not seem to make any difference at all. Before...
  2. Vintage Motorcyle Info
    got this bike for 200, needed a carb clean I got it running but leaks gas from the carb I checked it and the flout needle was damaged, so I’m thing about buying a pwk38mm carburetor I’m thinking it will fit, also I’m thinking about painting the hole bike black and sanding down the gas tank and...
  3. Vintage Motorcyle Info
    1979 KZ650 B-3, recently purchased from a local used motorcycle shop. Approx. 700ft. above sea-level. 23,000 original miles. Generally, good running bike/good working condition. No known mods to the engine. Stock Mikuni carbs, I believe. No airbox. MOROSO individual clamp-on silver air...
1-3 of 3 Results