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  1. 1976 KE175 6 Volt Problems

    Vintage Motorcyle Info
    Great little bike that runs just fine. The problem is the electrical. I replaced the battery making sure to get the 6v version. I put it on a 6v charger. I installed it, but the bike charges at 12v & above. Tach doesn't work. Lights don't work. Turn signals don't work. I'm assuming this is an...
  2. 1991 El250 not getting spark

    Kawasaki Cruisers
    Hey, guys. I'm new to the forrum (and working on motorcycles in general) and wanted to get some advice from some seasoned riders. I bought a 1991 kawasaki eliminator 250 and have had nothing but problems from the start. I havent been able to get a spark no matter what I do. I took the plugs out...
  3. [1971 F6] Fixing hack-job wiring & Ignition question

    Vintage Motorcyle Info
    I've recently acquired this F6 and the wiring on it has been screwed with by a previous owner. Each wire in the harness has been cut near the back of the bike and has been spliced with nothing but tape. It looks like someone has grafted in a harness from a similar (but different) model bike...