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  1. Z550 H1 Forks are leaking air, where do I start?

    The Mechanics Corner
    Hi! All new to this site and this forum, don't know where else to turn. I've got at z550 H1 from 1982. I recently changed the tires and while doing so I also took the opportunity to bleed the breaks and change the fluid. Then me and my husband took turns in testing the breaks, and doing so...
  2. 1985 Z550 Front Fork Issues

    The Mechanics Corner
    I have an 85 Z550 which I am playing with. the front fork stanchions are pitted so I bought a new (to me) pair. However when I stripped down the bike I found the replacements were 36mm and the originals were 35mm. Now I have the dilema of whether to source another set of forks or stanchions or...