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  1. Kawasaki ATV and Mule
    I have a 2002 Prairie 650 that recently started dying occasionally and seemingly randomly. Over a few trips it started happening more often and now it will only run for 5 -6 seconds. However, if I turn the kill switch off and back on as soon as it dies, it will kick back in but only for 5 or 6...
  2. Kawasaki ATV and Mule
    Here is the list of issues I’ve been experiencing with the 1994 mule 2500. -The engine idles just fine, but when I put it in gear and press the gas just a little, the engine boggs down and will shut off sometimes. -Sometimes it will act like it’s about to bog down and I’ll pump the gas/choke...
  3. Kawasaki ATV and Mule
    I have a 2006 Mule 3000 KAF620G with 1600 hours used on the ranch and completely OE Stock. While idling I could smell smoke and immediately disconnected the battery. I towed it into my shop and found out the goo (insulation inside of the sealed unit) was dripping out of the igniter. I removed...
1-3 of 3 Results