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  1. Vintage Motorcyle Info
    I have recently acquired a 1989 KE100...first bike I've riden in over 30 years....lots of fund and it is in very nice condition but needs some minor fixes...including replacement of the headlight sealed beam (US model). I bought a new 6V sealed beam and taken the old unit out of the headlight...
  2. The Mechanics Corner
    I have a Vulcan Nomad 1500-G1. Last Friday the headlights quit working. No high/low beam, no aftermarket /stock light bar on it. I have battery voltage through the fuse. I‘ve read through the forms and unless I’m missing something I know it’s a bad relay. I have a simple question: where in...
  3. FAQ'S
    So I bought a 7 inch JW Speaker LED light to replace my old sealed beam on my 83 kz440 but realized mine is around a 6.5 inch is there ring I could buy to make the fit cause it looks like it could holding the new light into the bucket or would I need a 7 inch unit and then mount that on to my bike?
1-3 of 3 Results