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    Just picked up a 2000 W650. It's been pretty stripped down to a Cafe style bike. For the first few days, it was running great. Then it stopped, mid ride. Brand new battery. All fuses are good. When I turn on the key the tail light, turn signals and horn all work. Dash lights and starter...
  2. Main Lobby
    So I just bought an 09 Vulcan with 8k on it. First bike I’ve had since a tragedy 20 years ago. Beautiful bike, I’ve been riding it daily all of a sudden to day I got to leave a buddies house after a short visit hit the start button and nothing. Let me also say I’m not a mechanic. So I checked...
  3. Main Lobby
    Ive got an 05 meanie, I've had no issues with this bike. I just installed a BAK on it this past week (with the block off plates) and went to start it when I was done and it will not start. The bike acts like its about to start but just won't go. I have double checked all my steps everything...
1-3 of 3 Results