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  1. New Member Introductions
    I recently became the owner of a Kawasaki Vulcan vn750 model year 1993. The bike was imported to Sweden in 1998. The bike had some known problems upon purchase, of which the most important is a fuel leak. So, armed with a carb repair kit, Haynes Kawasaki Vulcan Service & Repair Manual i decided...
  2. The Mechanics Corner
    G'day troops. I recently began the process of bring back to life a very nice 1992 ZX1100-C3 (ZZX1100) that has been sitting unoperated in a garage for more than 5 years. Obviously, lots of things require checking and some a bit of restoration (such as fuel lines, etc.) if the bike is to be...
  3. Vintage Motorcyle Info
    To avoid paying Kawasaki's prices for O-rings, anyone know the sizes of the O-rings in the oil pan area (feedpipes, filter screen and filterhousing) please? Particularly the o-ring/seal thats flat on one side Also are they buna-n or viton? Cheers
1-3 of 3 Results