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  1. Main Lobby
    hello there I new to ridding motorcycles I have a 2004 Vulcan v800 classic ...I already changed clutch plates and now it goes into 1st and neutral ..but I can't get it to engage in higher gears...any. help would really be appreciated... thanks
  2. The Mechanics Corner
    Hey guys so I just bought a 2000 Vulcan 800 Classic from a guy who had it as a project bike but had to clear out his shop. The bike runs fine as far as he or I can tell but we noticed when we rode the bike to my place it seemed to be burning oil and there was oil dripping out of the tailpipe...
  3. Kawasaki Cruisers
    Hello again! I bought my vn800 last year and didn't get to put many km on it. This year I noticed a tapping noise from the front engine. I adjusted the valve clearance and changed the spark plugs as well as the O rings around them. I didnt notice any Chain marks on the spark plug tubes. I've...
  4. Kawasaki Cruisers
    I have a 2005 Vulcan 800C, sometimes after rides I'll find a circle about half a foot in diameter of fuel leaking out of a vent hose. The air filter also smells pretty heavily of Gas. Is this from the carb or is it something else? I'll post a picture of the hose as well.
  5. Kawasaki Cruisers
    I recently wanted to change the tail light on my Vulcan 1995 800, I order one on eBay and it came with 3 wires brown green and green with a white line in it. I connect all the wires and the brake turns on. But when I press the rear or the front brake the light doesn’t do anything doesn’t get...
  6. Kawasaki Streetbikes/Sportbikes
    2000 vulcan 800 Rear cylinder not firing Changed plugs then fired for a bit . The pipe is cold after running it for a couple minutes the pipe seems to get wet. Previous owner removed baffles from cobra pipes.. could it be compression,or coil .. suggestions please
  7. Kawasaki Cruisers
    I took my rear wheel off to change the tire and this spacer fell off at some point. I didn't see where it came from but I didn't notice it until after I put my bike back together and took it for a ride. My ball bearing tore up because of it but I'm not 100% sure where it should sit. I have a...
  8. Kawasaki Cruisers
    Hey this is my first bike and I have few things I need to fix up to get it good and ready. I need to change the tires , brake pads front and rear , and the chain and link I figured while I was at it. Also the front fender was broken off so I ordered that piece and going to put that back on. I...
  9. Main Lobby
    I've rebuilt the carb, found 2 bad diaphragms and changed them but that didn't help. It happens after I've rode for about 20 minutes and as I start to slow to a stop sign I can feel it start to bog down and hitting the throttle doesn't seem to do anything to help unless I move the throttle back...
1-9 of 9 Results