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  1. Main Lobby
    Hey everyone! I’m a fairly new rider with a 2015 Kawsaki Versys 650, I just moved on PCS from Texas to Virginia. After getting my bike from the crate where it was strapped down, the key goes in, turns from “off” to either wheel lock or “on” freely, but will not pass on to ignition. I’ve...
  2. FAQ'S
    About a week ago I purchased a n 09 ninja 650r from a private dealer after a couple days of no issues the bike got a little wet due to not being covered. Bike will not start now. Completely dried bike and all electrical connectors. Drained the gas thinking water might have gotten in and...
  3. Main Lobby
    So I just bought an 09 Vulcan with 8k on it. First bike I’ve had since a tragedy 20 years ago. Beautiful bike, I’ve been riding it daily all of a sudden to day I got to leave a buddies house after a short visit hit the start button and nothing. Let me also say I’m not a mechanic. So I checked...
1-3 of 3 Results