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Hey guys,

I have a buddy who owns an 01 zx6r; he hasnt ridden the bike in a while, but was able to start up his bike a couple of weeks ago; albeit, the bike was running really really rough on idle and this was after we just recharged the battery (but he didnt take it out for a spin).

We tried to go for a ride yesterday but we had a hell of a time starting up the bike - it took us an hour messing around with the bike to get it running. This was after we jumped his battery and after we put in a fresh gallon of fuel. The bike would turn over but will not start. First thought was that it was flooded - we let the bike sit for a while and we eventually got it running. I took it out for a test ride on the freeway but when sitting on idle, I have to have the choke fully 'opened' or else the bike would stall on me (and then it takes a few tries to get it started again). Even after I rode the bike for at least 30 minutes, I can't idle like normal and the bike is still idling really really rough.

He's going to take in the bike for service this weekend; but do you guys have any ideas of what could be the problem?

His bike did sit for a few months (that's why the battery was dead) before he decided to fire it up again. Is it the battery? Wet plugs? Fuel? Thanks for any advice in advance.

BTW - how do fix a flooded carb?
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