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The transmission took a crap on me about 2 months ago and I just dont have the time or money to fix it. First gear still works, trying to shift up into any other gear is just like shifting into neutral. The engine seems fine, no smoke, no noise, revs and runs in first gear great. It has developed an oil leak that I think is a consequence of the transmission throwing a gear and cracking the case, but I cannot locate a crack anywhere. Basically you would have to replace the entire engine, or really now what the hell your doing to fix the current one. Everything else on the bike is mint. No sratches or dents anywhere. The engine and chassis has 9k miles on it. Never laid down, dropped or wrecked. I would rather not have to part this thing out. The title is clean, but I still owe on it, so the bank holds the title. If you were to purchase I will provide a bill of sale (notarized if need be) and then mail the title when I get it from the bank. Just to explain, I owe more than I can get for the bike, but I have enough cash to cover the difference once sold. Sorry this was so **** long.
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