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Do you own a 06-07 VN 900 with mods? I have searched the site and have bits of info, but here is what I would like to know.
How is your MPG after mods? Has any one dynoed the 900 with pipes, FI2000 and big air kit? (Yes I've looked at the "post
dynos hear sticky") I am wondering if the 1000.00 dollar investment will give me what I'm looking for; which is deep throaty
exhaust, a few more ponies,a little custom personalization of the bike, continued reliablity and decent MPG (I currently avg.48-50 MPG)
I have drilled the baffles, added a cobra tach,fender rail, and a few chrome accessories. I have not heard any of the Cobra
pipes in person. The sound clips here and on the Cobra web site,to me are useless thru my computer.I am looking at the Powerport longs,
Slashdowns or dragsters. To those of you who have heard many pipes which is the quietest,loudest, to you sound the best. I do not want
loud obnoxious pipes. But I find the stock drilled baffles lacking. Do the Cobras have removable baffles? (Just in case I feel
obnoxious ;^) I just purchased a FI2000 on Ebay for 130.00 now I,m shopping for pipes and air box mod kit. Any advice an opinions are welcome.
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