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12" apehangers

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Hi everyone, new here so if this has already been covered, I apologize. I am wanting to upgrade my handlebars on a VN800 classic to 12" apes, does anyone know if I have to change my cables and hoses or if I can just re-route them?? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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i guess experience is the best teacher so for anyone else wanting to know. i put 12" apes on and the throttle cables had to be rerouted(which i already had from my previous risers) and the clutch cable is too short. also the electrical is really tight, and internal wiring looks much better. the brake line has play in it and works fine but may need to be redone to make it look better. thats just what i've found, thought i'd pass it along.
did you reroute the throttle cables behind the trees? I am thinking of doing that rather than buying 6" overs - but they might be too kinked going behind the trees?
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