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1200 Voyager front wobble/issues

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I have a 1200 Voyager with 20k on it. The tires are decent, not even close to needing replacement. It has developed a low speed instability that isn't really bad, but is uncomfortable. I notice it at low speeds, where it's like a front wobble, or as I'd say, feels like the handlebars jiggle like jello. In low speed turns you can feel it, almost like the front tire pressure is way low. Going in a straight line if you loosen your grip on the bars, at speeds of 30 and below, it wants to wobble.

What I found odd is when stopped, if I shake the bars just a bit, it will have that sloppy/jiggle feedback. The tire pressure is right, and the air pressure in the front and rear shocks is right.

Anyone ever experience this before? Any ideas what may be wrong?
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My '04 1500 Nomad front end will sometimes seem to want to wobble if I take hands off the bars, but not always. I put it down to road surface irregularities.
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