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I was having trouble with my carbureted 1500 Classic not starting up after
the bike was rode for a little while and warmed up. It would not fire on any
of the plugs until I let the bike cool down for about 15-30 minutes. I
suspected that it had to be the Black box that sent the pulse to the coils.
Kawasaki wanted 360.00 for a stock replacement. I found that Dynatek offered an upgrade (Dyna3000) that 'supposedly' fit right into place and used the stock pickup coils, hi-voltage coils and wire. It would do this for 249.00. I thought great...this is a no-brainer. I ordered it and installed it and the dang thing cranked on the very first revolution of the crank. It idled ok but a little rough. The problem occurs just off of idle either rolling the throttle on or a quick BLIP of the throttle. What happens is that when this is done, it backFIRES thru the carburetor.
(i currently have a 46 pilot and 170 main jet installed)
If you can get it past that point it will run like a bat outta the fiery pits.
I have tried everything from getting a replacemnt from Dynatek to fidgetting with the mixture screw, increasing the pilot jet size (and main jet). The same result. The plugs readings are all ok.
I took the bike to the closest bike repair shop (which happens to be a
Harley shop) and they kept it for a few days. The 'certified' mechanic
called me back and said that it was running fine...that the only thing he
seen was it went dead when he stopped and he increased the idle.
This actually raised the idle above the rev area that caused the trouble. In
other words I am at the same point I was before, because I cant ride this
thing around while it is idling at 1/4 throttle. I'm not a pro, but I wasn't
born yesterday either.

I called Dynatek's support # again and the fellow said that it appears to be
running lean in the low end of the mixture process. The bike ran fine with the original box in place before rejetting for this new UPGRADE. I tried the suspected bad stock box and it wont fire at all now.
I now have it at a Kawasaki dealers Service Dept. It doesn't look like they are going to be able to find trouble either.
If I had a known good stock ignition box, I could tell that maybe the Dynatek isnt working right.

Anybody got any helpful advice? I am going CRAZY !!!!!

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hmmmm- i guess you have already checked for vacum leaks(pinched hose)

idle to just off idle is mostly air/fuel and pilot jet contolled -off the top of my head it just sounds like a tuning problem and sometimes that is a real bastage :lol:

i would lean more towards a carb problem than the dynatek
i'll ask around and see if i can find anybody that has had this problem

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1500 classic ignition trouble

Thanks. I and 2 shops have played with jetting. I wish I had a known working ignition unit that I could try back in there. I have been told by 2 company' tech support that it could be the pickup coils. this would make sense if I had the trouble across the range of the throttle.
I just dont know. I used to like to do my own work on this thing, but this is driving me nuts. Thanks for your help.
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