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1500 Classic Lowers - Which Ones?

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Definitely need lowers. Have a National Cycle Dakota windshield, I think, and there is a lot of wind coming up the sides of the bike from under the windshield. Choices right now are between the NC chrome lowers, the Memphis Shades and I just saw the Moxy lowers. The NC's will attach to the side of the windshield mounts and you have no clamps around the forktubes - cleaner look. Between the Moxy and the MS's I like the attachment method of the MS better (cleaner) but I like the shape of the Moxy lowers. As far as shape (and effectiveness) of these lowers goes I have had the NC-type chrome tapered lowers on a C90 I owned and on that bike they did an outstanding job of blocking the wind-almost like riding in a car. I had the MS lowers on my last bike (VTX1300R) and they did a pretty good job, but not quite as good as the tapered NC-type. The NC's are more expensive. Looks-wise I seem to slightly favor the clear ones only because they are not as noticeable as the chrome. But, then again, when you have an opportunity to add chrome, duh...,LOL.

So, what's everybody have and how have they worked for you? Also, any considerations as to fit with engine guard. I have a Cobra on order. Thanks much.
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I have the Fire and Steel fork lowers that work well. In the colder weather I also use engine guard chaps.
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