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1600's have ICSolenoids????

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Do the 1600's have those incredibly noisy Idle Control Solenoids on them? They are some REALLY loud little suckers :x. I uplugged mine today and could not believe how mellow the engine sounds now. I think I'll leave them unhooked now that the weather is a little warmer up here.. :D
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Hmm, sounds interesting. I'm not really sure what you mean, but I think they don't have it. Where are they on a Nomad?
You will find them under the right side air intake cover. They are the only things behind that cover. They pump air into the intakes on startup to make it idle faster when cold.
Mine has ISC valves that pump air into the exhaust port burning excessive carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons instead of leading air into the intake. I don't think they're so loud, but then again, we aren't talking about the same thing here (I guess).

yea-mine are not loud either,but i know alot of nomad owners who complain about it
and nearly every one of them have disconnected them
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