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Good Morning,

I finally got to working on a bike I got when I was a kid, it was stored from ~1979 to today, I got it running took it out a few times sometimes the spark would cut out while I was riding, would take it home a day later it would run fine again..
I was riding last week, after about an hour it stalled, coulden't get it running again since, again no spark

The points look good, it only has 2k miles on it

Any ideas? Does anyone have a diagram from the wires from the Stator so I can see if it's pushing any voltage?

Is there anywhere I can get some more info about this bike, mainly the eletrical?

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these guys may be of some help since they are dealing with old 2-stroke stuff. im betting someone here can get you schematics for your electrical.



sounds like you may have lost the CDI or a wire broke somewhere or the coil went south or yada yada yada. i dont know anything about the bike so i cant help much on this one. :?
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