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Hi Everyone,

I have got a G7T which I finally got registered after having a lot of trouble proving the bikes origin due to VicRoads having no record of the engine or chassis numbers.

Now, that it on the road and getting a bit of work I have had to replace the clutch cable. After adjustment the clutch is very hard and has to be pulled really hard to disengage the clutch.

After taking the right hand engine cover off and looking at the nylon clutch release screw it appears that to disengage the clutch the screw has to go so far in that it starts to deform the nylon screw housing. Does anyone one know what would fix this problem???

Are the clutch plates too worn?
or is it a clutch spring issue?

I can take some photo's to help illustrate the problem. Is there somewhere to post them on forum?.


Melbourne, Australia
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