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I recently purchased a 1977 KE100. This is my first motorcycle project. The bike did not come with a battery but I have picked one up and have the wiring diagram but I wanted to double check that this was the correct connections. I posted this in a forum a few days ago, but maybe in the wrong part of this site.

Pictures attached;
There is a blue with white trace wire (from ignition switch), that goes into a connector with a white wire. That white wire has a double connector and connects with a brown with white trace wire. I believe the brown with white trace connects to the positive terminal of the battery. is this correct?

On the other side of the battery box there is fuse with a white wire going to the ignition switch, and then "on top" of the fuse I have a connector that i'm not sure where it goes. My thoughts are it would connect to unused part of the double connector for the white wire to white with brown trace wire? Anyone able to confirm this or provide the correct solution?

Thank you


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