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Hi all

I'm an italian owner of a 1976 kz900.

I'm having some troubles with low speed cruising, so it seems to be a pilot system issue.

But, having a closer look to the carbs, i found out they are not the stock carbs.
Why? they don't have the air/fuel mixture screw on the side of each carb!

They are mikuni, they fit, so i had a look to some diagrams and it seems to be they are stock vm26ss carbs from a 1977 kz1000a1.

Those carbs have the pilot screw under the float bowl, but not the air/fuel mixture on the side of the carb!

1) Could someone confirm my opinion?
2) How is it supposed to tune up the air/fuel mixture on these carbs?

I also have another 1976 kz900 and it's carbs have the air/fuel screw, so they are probably vm28ss stock.
I also have a 1977 kz650b1 and they have vm26ss stock carbs, and they have both pilot screw adjustment screw under the float bowl and the air/fuel mixture sdjustment screw on the side of the carbs.

Could someone answer my two questions above?

I could use a kz1000a1 service manual, so i could clear my doubts.
Looked on internet, nothing to download. Looked on ebay, impossible to find at a reasonable price.

I need help!

Many thanks to everyone
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