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Hello fellow Modsters
I'm new to the group and don't really know my way around yet. I just bought a '78 KZ1000 and I'm want to customize it into a cafe racer. So what I need is some help finding rearsets, peg brackets, gear shift, brake pedal, etc....parts from a 81-82 GPz 1100. Any help will be appreciated

OK I may have the wrong the info i was told that the 81-82 GPz 1100 has no rearsets. So i will try to clarify what I'm trying to do. What my first goals are is to set the gear shift, foot pegs, and rear brake pedal further back. I'm going to make it into a one seater so it can go just before the passenger pegs or right at them. As far as the engine goes it's all ready beefed up for now. All advice well be useful since i haven't had any luck finding it on my own. As soon as this little project is done it will be road ready.
Thanks again
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