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1978 KZ1000 Z1R Parts

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Looking for parts to restore this bike. Also anybody else who owns this model for information and value.
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kaw parts

go to oldkawman.com or redlinecycle.com
I am building 3 Z1R's and have many extra parts.
Hey Tommy ! I could use a fairing. Do you have any to spare ?
I need a seat for the 78 z1r in original condition, do you have one that you might want to sell? If you do email me a [email protected]
need dash that fits over guages for 1978 z1r.email me at [email protected]
He posted those parts available 2 years ago and only has 11 post total so I doubt he's still around. :biggrin:
Read this thread over at the Z1OCUK. I bought a fairing off him a year ago. He's not cheap, but he's honest.

Z1OwnersClub GB :: View topic - Z1R Fairing

i am looking for new nuts and bolts the bike was sitting for some time. any suggestions
how do i get the pic of my bike to show i would like some responses
Can you tell us a little bit about it ? Looks nice, but I'm curious on what it is. Seems to be influenced by several models.
it is a 1978 kz1000 it has the kz900 pipes. and the dual front disk brakes and the otter rims were custom made to look original
i am looking to get original chrome kz1000 4-2-2
It looks very nice. I would consider stock paint, though. And keep the 4/4.

Here's a local one

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1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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