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Hey Everyone - Happy to be here. Picked up my first bike this weekend, 1978 KZ650 SR. I'll post more photos soon but this is all I have on hand. I hope you appreciate the handmade corn cobb pipe & natty light.

It was sitting for at least a year. Not sure prior to that. I had the same issue as others with the carb runoff: fuel was coming out two of the runoff tubes when the fuel tank was in the Prime position. That happened twice but cleared up on its own after a start. Not sure what's going on there.

She runs. There is a clicking of sorts when it's running. Could be the clutch? so I removed the discs...not sure what a good clutch looks like but I'm considering replacing it.

Needs a lot of cosmetic work but for training wheels it'll do the trick.

Where is the best place to get parts? A clutch kit for example.

I'm excited. When I had her running, pulling back on the throttle, she makes some noise. Can't wait to get her up to speed. With a helmet of course!

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