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1980 750 LTD. Barn find that is for the most part ready to hit the road (a few odds and ends to take care of).

Yesterday while it was on the center stand I gave the rear wheel a spin by hand and it didn't spin as freely as my 550 ltd. It spun, but when I spun it hard and let go, it wouldn't even barely do 1/2 revolution.

Now, I had this on the road for quick test rides, never had any issues, I know the brake (disc) isn't hanging up, but I am not sure if maybe the bearings aren't dry/shot. The chain isn't too tight either.

my question:
1. If the bearing is shot/dying, how will I know? Will it howl like a car? Maybe create some heat I could feel by hand?

2. Is it possible to overtighten the rear axel so that it would pinch the rear wheel, causing it to turn a little harder?
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