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Hi all. I am new to the site.
I have a 1980 KD 80 that we have had since 1980. I'm the only owner its ever had.
I have the original sales documentation and even a title. I even have the salesman's business card. Pretty cool.

The thing has millions of miles on it. We had it rebuilt about ten years ago and never used it since. I rebuilt the carb and gave it a new set of points and cleaned stuff up today and it runs great. I need some side cover gaskets and a couple of screws to really make it tight.

My question has to do with exaust. The muffler is blown out and it is loud. I think Bike Bandit sells replacement assemblies for around $150.00. Can I put a more modern pipe on with a silencer? Cut,fit,weld, kind of thing? Maybe give'er a little more zip and a little less noise.

FYI I am at 5000 ft elevation.

Thanks in advance for the in put!

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