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The speedometer on my 1980 KZ1000 goes to 160mph. I was told the factory one went to 80 mph and therefore mine is not the original gauge.

Can someone confirm this.....

Also on a side note Im considering selling this bike as I have since bought a new bike. This was my "not sure if Im going to like riding so I will buy a beater bike to try it out" motorcycle.

What I know.....

Its a 1980 B (LTD ??) KZ1000 chain drive
K&N Pod filters
aftermarket lowering shocks (not sure of brand)
Kerker 4 in 1 exhaust (with no baffles....kinda loud)
aftermarket drag bars.....unknown make
speedometer indicated 24K miles.....but if it aint the correct speedometer then who knows

What Ive done to it.....

new tires Dunlops front and back
new clutch cable, speedometer cable
replaced cracked exhaust flange - no more exhaust leaks
religious 2K oil changes over the 6K I rode it, using Castrol synthetic oil
new DID heavy duty chain (standard roller, not an o-ring)
new swing arm bearings

Things that may need done (I would personally ride it with these issues)...

front turn signals have been removed for looks, dont have these
seeps a bit of oil around the cam plugs....not enough to get on the rider just to leave a little oil behind
one of the fork seals leaks a very tiny bit
extreme left carb leaks occasionally when it setting on the kickstand....doesnt appear to leak during riding nor does it do it everytime.
sometimes you have to use your foot to pull up on the rear brake a bit to make the light go off.....needs adjusted....but its easier just to hook your foot underneath it.....I would rather ride then wrench

Runs hard and strong......Ive had no issues with it. Fires right off even in 40 degree weather, at most requiring three or four revolutions of the engine. Run with choke on for about 30 seconds then your good to go. All the brakes are great, hoses.....cables.....good to go. No other issues that I can think of.

I have $1450 in it how it sits....Im figuring if I cant sell it for that I will probably keep it.....surely thats not to far out of line is it?

Heres what it looks like when I bought it, before tires or any other upkeep.

Heres a picture I took a few days ago....the only visual difference is the tires, painted exhaust headers and that little tank bag (which is super handy).


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I'd say the price is fair and definately not out of line for a good runner. Maybe a bit low if anything. As for the speedo question I'm not sure. I know my 81 came with an 85 max speedo and I think the 80 did as well but thats not fact that I could prove.

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Speedo is not the right one 85mph were on your bike from factory. The speedo you have to 160mph is from Z1R or Police bike. Leave it. It will give the new owner an added extra. Good price on your bike. I am selling my 1978 Z1R look in sell area. Enjoy.:p
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