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First off hello to all I'm new to here and this is my first post ever on any forum ever
I have an 81 ke175d in good shape under 8000mi I have been riding it over a year now with no problems at all.
Recently it won't idle and the idle adjust screw does nothing. I can't hardly get it to kick start it help to use a little starting fluid but still not like it used to be one kick and go. I was riding and coming to a stop it sputtered and dies fired right back up went to work and left few hours later no problems on the way home it dies and I can't get it to fire back up and stay running at idle speeds.
I have changed the plug and took apart the carb and cleaned it was very clean already with no buildup and Jets all looked clean and clear but still sprayed down with carb cleaner and put back together.
Now with the idle screw all the way in it will stay running at a high rpm I'm not sure what to do next. Also has plenty of power and can still ride it if you don't let the rpms drop to low
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