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1981 KZ1000

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My buddy just got his first bike....an '81 KZ1000. He's done pretty well so far learning to ride it and we're in the process of fixing it up some. It needs a new exhaust system and I've found a couple in the cheaper price range he is looking at(ie under 300-400) made by Vance and Hines and Mac whom I've never heard of. That may be because I've only rode sportbikes and maybe they don't make exhausts for them. Anyways, any current or former KZ1000 owners(or anyone who knows of them for that matter) have any suggestions for exhausts for this bike? Also, is a jet kit going to be necessary when we replace with a full system. He's going for as cheap as possible cause he's still in college and on a limited budget.
PS, here's a pic of his bike....I think he got a pretty good buy for $350 for a bike that runs and only has 5000 miles.
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jetting should not need done these bikes run well with most exhaust systems Try ebay for parts many items on there to help you out. If I had the model number I can check for what one will interchange
This thread is from FIVE years ago.......???
This thread is from FIVE years ago.......???
Wonder if he got the exhaust changed yet... :biggrin:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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