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Depends on what else is available in your area. If I have a choice between of that and lets say a late 90's Concours for the same price I'd be in a pickle, lean towards the Connie. $3K in my neighborhood gets me a lot to look at. But that is me.

Does the bike make you smile every time you think about it?
Couldn't agree more . "Does the bike make you smile every time you think about it?". more than anything else this one thing becomes the deciding factor . Some info for you though .
I haven't met a Gen III aircooler that did not eat it's intakes before 40kmi . Although one of the easiest head R&Rs in the game having to replace valves before 50-60k is a bit of nonsense . The bores are hard in the extreme and hard on pistons and rings . I've used two sets of rings on the stock pistons and two sets of rings on the replacement pistons on my way to 100k with the bore still within limits although noticeably tapered . These bikes smoke a bit and even if they don't they use oil , just a fact of design and operation .
The charging system is suspect only for the use of a marginal stator . I've owned at least one of the 998/1100 engines for the last 27 years and will continue to . It's just a matter of preference . $3K ? a bit much I think as the 0mi ebay bike earlier this year went for $6k and I see good examples around here for no more than $2,500 . I still have to go back to "Does the bike make you smile every time you think about it?". Walk into this possible purchase with the eventual cost of ownership in mind as well as the other possibilities for the price .

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