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I have one but I'm way over in Seattle, WA, USA and you likely found one by now

I also still have misc parts from the bike which I can send you more details via email if you're needing odds and ends. I've already sold off most of the major parts via this forum the past several years.

[email protected]

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82 gpz 750 parts?


I just joined, doing my 82 gpz 750, be happy to look over a list of any parts you may have available.

thank you,
happy trails,

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the PDF is too large (hires photos) to upload here. email me. thanks

to give folks an idea...

front and rear wheels
complete motor with 2k miles
ignition coils
oil cooler
rear brake hanger
cush drive
front and rear sprocket
brake hoses (i had replaced them with SS)
petcock assembly and rebuild kit
looks like carburetor bank (need to verify as I thought that was sold)
battery box/hanger
gear shift linkage
rear brake pedal
front/rear axles
headlight shell
igniter and relays
many electrical harnesses
front fender
rear fender
chain guard

microfiche and hard copy printouts of Kaw parts microfiche
microfiche and hard copy printouts of Kaw service bulletins microfiche
Kaw service manual - each page inserted into sheet protector in jumbo 3 ring binder
Clymer and Haynes service manuals
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