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Hello Everyone!

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

I have a 1982 Kawasaki CSR 305 with flickering lights. I just purchased the bike not running, got it running and realized the problem. All of the lights flicker including newly installed LED's, and gauge incandescent bulbs. They flicker with the speed of the RPM's, and it never stops even at high throttle.

Here is a list of what I have done:

New LED headlight
New LED taillight
New LED blinkers
New battery

I tested the battery with the engine off and it is reading between 12.4 and 12.7. With the engine running the volts increase to as high as 14.5. I had a regulator from a parts bike that I put on and it didn't change anything. I checked all of the grounds, battery connections and all wire clip connections. I even removed all of the lights I installed and the gauge lights still flicker. The lights don't flicker when the engine is off.

I am stumped.


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