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1982 LTD750

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Hello all,

New forum member and had a question regarding my 1982 LTD 750. I just got the bike off my buddy’s dad who hasn't used it in a few years. His word "If you can get it to run, it's yours." The bike cosmetically looks alright and without too much trouble I was able to get her going only it runs really rough and will stall out when I release the throttle after revving (only when it is in gear though).

I changed the oil, gas, cleaned the carbs etc. Do I need to do a valve job? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Simpson 8)[/code]
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when you say "cleaned the carbs" did you take them apart or just blow some
cleaner thru them? and what did your plugs look likw when you removed them?
just guessing but it sounds like it may be running too rich?

I blow some cleaner thru the carbs, replaced the plugs but I haven't checked them since to see what condition they are in. Stupid question but if it is running too rich how do you correct it.

get those plugs and check them-

think those carbs have ever been rebuilt? if not as long as the motor has good compession(its already running) then rebuild/replace them
its prolly just a matter of getting the fuel system back in shape

this statement-"If you can get it to run, it's yours."-indicates to me that the whole fuel/spark system needs to be looked at

take some time and look the WHOLE bike over before you jump on and fly
away :lol: -these old bikes are awsome when tuned right and you got a bike there that had quite a reputation in its day(till the 900 came along :lol: )

just make sure the rest of the bike is road worthy and not just the cosmetics
the carbs may be fine as well and just need some adjustment at idle and some air/fuel tweaks-

good luck !

ride safe
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Thanks so much for the info!

What a great forum

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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