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I have 120 main jets and 35 pilots with mix screws 3 turns out. iridium spark plugs as well. i have stock and performance needles but the stocks are in it now.
im sitting at 7500 ish elevation and usualy around 70 degrees.
only mods so far is i cut out the baffles in the exhaust and a k&n filter in the stock airbox.
it runs great. but wont pull the front end up.
it still stumbles under 5000 rpm and i believe its a bit lean.
i was trying to put pod filters on, but dont know were to start jetting.
i was thinken something around a 42 pilot and 145 to 150 main jet.
any advice?
where should i go for now?
if anyone has any pointers or info it would be great.
a phonecall would be fantastic.
and i know "it wont run right without the stock airbox, so put it back"... but im not doin that.
im determined to get it to work.
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