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So for my new daily rider, I want to do a few slight upgrades / mods. Been looking around for quite a while before joining this site, and am still having a hard time finding some answers. Here we go:

I'm getting rid of the airbox...I know these tk's can be a hassle to tune, but luckily, carb-tuning is one of my personal strong-points. already started with new jets, and currently am dialing everything in. I'm pretty close, but here's one thing:

since I went to pods, it runs GREAT (dynojet stage 3, plus going up a size on the pilots), but the powerband seems to lack now. I'm waiting on my pilots to come in the mail...question is, do the carbs use BOTH jets at that high of RPM?? That's the only explanation I can think of for said ordeal, unless I have to raise the slide needle a notch...

That being said, the "suction system": I can just get rid of the air valve switch (the cylinder underneath the tank), yeah?? I've seen people say that you can just connect the openings on the exhaust reeds with tubing. If that's the case, can I do without the reeds, or are they absolutely needed? By the way, the previous owner put in a standard petcock (no vacuum port), so can I get rid of the tubes on the carb manifolds, and just cap them??

Another big thing that I want to do ASAP: UPGRADE THE HEADLIGHT.

Any leads on an LED replacement?? I know I could get an LED bulb, but I found an AWESOME LED headlight (a whole assembly that fit right in the bucket) for my XS1100, and it makes a WORLD of difference. It was actually advertised for Jeep's. I've been trying to find one for the gpz, but I'm not completely sure how to search. I searched for "5 x 7 LED headlight", "rectangular LED motorcycle headlight", etc. and haven't really seen anything tried and true.

that's it for now...I know some of this is going to sound straight up STUPID for some of you, haha. this bike is just a weird one for me. I'm used to mostly anything 80' and back. thank you all so much!!
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