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ok, so sit down, because what i'm about to say is going to make you wince.

you may have read my sob story over on the sportbikes forum. if no, no biggie, because i'm going to spin you up real quick here.

i bought the afforementioned bike off ebay. when i got it, I tried starting it, only to find out afterwards (to the best of my ability to ascertain) that there was no oil in the engine.

I added 1qt, and the eyeglass was completely full afterwards, where before it looked completely empty. the manual says this bike holds 3.2 qt of oil, so ther might have been some in it and there might not have been. if there wasn't, how badly did I damage the engine by trying to start it?

ok. after I couldn't get the bike started, the starter eventually stopped spinning and just started clicking. This ended up being (i'm pretty sure) a dead battery. After charging the battery from a car for awhile (and the lights getting noticeably brighter) I hit the starter to try and crank her up, and no spinning, no buzzing, just one click and a dimming of the lights.

now, it was pretty late at this point, and dark, so I might have been doing something wrong (does the 85 have a kickstand engine kill?), but the closest thing I can see in the clymer manual (picked that up today) is either "engine will not crank" or "engine difficult to start".

if i should be troubleshooting "engine difficult to start", it could be 'improperly adjusted choke' (the dealership forgot to mention that the choke cable was broken when they shipped it to me.

if I should be troubleshooting "engine will not crank" then i'm afraid it's "seized pison(s)", because that sounds really, really bad.

sorry I'm so longwinded, guys. any input?
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