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1986 1000R for sale

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Left mirror broken Plastic rough around mirror mount. Mirror mount part of fairing frame broke off with mirror . This was a screw up loading the bike. I have another mount to tack in. Foot pegs are gone and they are after market mounts anyway. Im hunting up some. If I find some they go with it. No battery, one fork seal leak. Replaced fan . Put in toggle swirch.Thats it for negitives . On the plus side, Vance exhaust, jetted, replaced starter clutch gear, after market sprockets and chaine.Chromed lower legs Custom after market wheels . Wide rear tire. Sounds mean.Will deliver anywhere in the North East for gas and food. Will take dead bikes in trade, any brand or parts bikes. Yellow. Nice seat. New oil, plugs, fluids. Needs very little Will send pic.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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