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Hello everyone on this forum, hoping to gain and give help to anyone who may need it.
I am new to the quad world, spent over 10 years learning about my KLR 650, but just in the first "look into's" on the KLF 300, I have found a few(maybe more) similarities between the two machines.
How this came about was, a friend ended up with two Kawasaki Bayou 300's given to him and he gave me one of them(there's a story there). After looking up the VIN's on both, it turns out mine is an '86 and his is an '02 and mine came home in my truck(of course)but also a box! Someone started removing parts on the '86 including the entire wire harness with most of the electronics connected to it. At first, I/we were told they both ran, so this was a big question mark to us, as to why someone would stert to dis-assemble a perfectly working quad!? Well, after poking around, between googling the Bayou 300, I decided to find out how difficult a valve adjustment was to do on one of these, since, like I said, I'm a KLR 650 owner and much to my surprise, it's a breeze, kinda like doing my old '86 Ninja 600R!? No pucks!? No problem! IN was at .004, but I expected that, took care of it, but while waiting for more info and a new pet ****(why that was removed, I'll never know?)I decided to pull the carb, since I found out it's the same as my KLR 650. I pulled the bowl and immediately knew, this was NOT a running machine and maybe why the 16 year old was taking it apart, but why not just fix it? Oh well, cleaned it all up, installed the pet ****, filled the tank with NON-Ethanol gas and put in a new battery, cranked it and she came to life!
So that's the story in a small nut shell, but what I was hoping to find from other members is, a manual, PDF format? Are they out there?
Maybe some parts I'm missing, down the road and who knows?
Just wanting any info I can get on this, like I said, new to quads and a member of KLR650.net, where I learned almost everything I now know about my KLR.
So hello everyone and I guess after I post a few times I will be able to add pics? Will see?
P.S. This Bayou is a lot of fun to ride!:grin:
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