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My GTR/GPZ hybrid project at current.
ZG/GTR1000 Concours
ZX11 pistons hung on ZX10 Tomcat rods
Ported head (by me)
GPZ900 cams and carbs with Dynojet stage 3 jet kit
Ignition advancer plate
900 Eliminator output bevel (steeper gear)
Supertrapp slip-ons
I hope it doesn't disappoint


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1987 GPZ750, 2021 Z900RS
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What's up with that rear brake line? Looks kind of hazardous.
Might just need to loosen off the banjo bolt and straighten it out a bit, I just had a look (the wheels are off at the moomment for new tyres) Michelin Road Classic going on.
Looks like it's standard, it clips to the top of the swingarm and loops up to the connector on the caliper.
My build date is 10/1986 so I think mies actually an 87 model.

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C130, looks like you have a few bits yet to finish on that project. Nice to have a project. Enjoy it.
Here are pictures of my '85 GPz 750 (silver) in the wild along with a 85 GPz 550 (black) and and 83 GPz 750 (red).
Did I ever mention that I'm kinda fond of the GPz line of bikes? Darn good runners.

View attachment 43446 View attachment 43447
I clear coated the wheels and replaced bearings, tires, and rotors. Some day it will run.
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