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1986 Kawasaki bayou 300 2x4 wont start

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Quad was running okay for a few months after a new starter and solenoid. But would always bog out in top gear, after it bogged out it would start right back up then try to die when you gave it gas in 1st, after a few minutes it would kinda fix itself. Another weird issue it would have is if the gas tank wasn’t above about half way it would die under any load but would idle just fine. But this most recent time I was giving it the beans in 5th and it bogged down, but it hasn’t started since just turns over, got gas and spark, occasional pop if I turn it over for awhile, could this be timing ? Cdi box? Or something else, any suggestions would help me and my buddies are stumped
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Bogging and dying in top gear sounds like a fuel issue. Make sure your gas tank vent is not plugged. It would not hurt to check the air filter also. If you have a fuel pump, I would suspect that next.
I assume it’s getting gas because after constantly turning it over there’s fuel coming from the engine breather tube usually it’s just air
Oh-oh. That's not good. Why would you have fuel coming OUT of the engine breather? Where is your breather located and how is it connected? Is it just one tube that goes from airbox to engine, or is the routing more complicated?
Pretty sure it connect to the crankcase, but after talking with a buddy it sounds like I might have some kind of internal failure because gas shouldn’t be any where near that hose, and when it died the last time there was a lot of smoke coming from that hose as well
Is it possible it has been incorrectly plumbed? Sometimes when a lot of hoses are removed, people forget where they go and they guess at how to reconnect them.
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