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Parts aren't too bad, the usual with fuel tanks rotting but generally spares are available and the air cooled GPzs have a lot of mechanical parts in common with the cooking models of the same era (KZ750L and so on).
GPzs that are starting to command good money include the GPz750R1 twin shock produced for '82 only and the twin shock GPz550D1 ('81 only). GPz1100s are creeping up too, especially B1 and B2 models. Lots of people don't like the fuel injection set ups on the 1100s and junk them because it's considered to be unreliable and more trouble than it's worth, but keep the connectors clean and tight and it's fine. Lots are now converted to carbs, but I've recently put my 1100 back on injection (originality OCD).
Have a look at the GPz owners group on Facebook if you're on there, lots of help and advice from the members.
If you fancy something different have a look at a 750 Turbo. Not strictly a GPz but a riot to ride so head over to the 750turbo.com forum: again only produced for 2 years and not many made (6,000 I think). There are lots of stock bikes on there and some that have had the nuts tuned off them. Bear in mind the turbo may look like a ZX750A but there are lots of differences, including the fuel tank.
Liquid cooled motors are pretty good, if you're looking for a GPz900R (Ninja 900) the UK GPzzone is a mine of information and the owners have other models too (1000 Concours I think you call it but known as the GTR1000 in UK plus 1000RX, ZX10 Tomcat and so on) and so they know what parts are interchangeable.
I guess the bottom line is that you can't go wrong with a GPz. They're a proper Kawasaki, parts are available, they're easy to maintain and still look good after all these years. The owners tend to be really enthusiastic about them so I'd say do your research and decide what you'd like then start looking, but don't feel pressured to take the first that comes your way as I guarantee it will be a money pit (don't ask me how I know this). There are lots of nice ones out there to be found so look carefully and you won't be disappointed with many years of riding pleasure ahead.

Those are my thoughts, I'm happy to stand corrected if any of the above isn't right.

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Wow, thank you for writing what is essentially a buyers guide to the GPz. That is awesome and this will hopefully help others in the future who search this forum for GPz info. In eastern Canada where I live. the pickings can be slim so my decision on which model will likely be based on what comes along as opposed to me picking the exact model I want.
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