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Well folks, I am nearing the end of the tear down (going to clean this thing until it looks new). I am also installing a stock exhaust (the main reason for the removal of the fairing). I just rebuilt the carbs too, so they will be going back on once I get to that part. Gas tank is getting de-rusted too, along with a petcock rebuild.

Here is the question: While I was taking the bike part, I noticed the breather tube (coming from the airbox) that runs along the top of the motor, was disconnected from the Air Tube filter, which is connected to the Air Tube Switch (PCV Valve). There is no way I did this, even by accident (by where it is on the bike. It must have been like this for a while. Honestly, the bike hasn't run right since I got it.

What does this switch do, and would it being completely disconnected cause an issue with the way it runs? I was having serious issues with the bike refusing to accelerate beyond 2500 rpms. The carbs were dirty, and there is rust in the tank. I am fixing all that right now. I just wonder what, if any issues these pieces not being connected would cause.
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