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1989 ZX7 fork rebuild

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Hey, can someone point me to a guide to rebuilding the forks on my '89 ZX7H1?

I've got them off, the tops off, the springs out, the seals/clip off, but I can't seperate the upper/lower tubes yet. The parts diagram isn't terribly helpful, I'm guessing that I need a tool to reach down and hold part of the inner rod while turning out the bottom allen bolt, but I'm not 100% sure.

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Yep you need to hold fast the inner assembly whilst releasing the Allen bolt in the bottom of the leg otherwise when the Allem bolt loosens it all turns :mad:

A simple DIY work around is to get a Broom handle or similar round wooden widget and Taper the end down to about 3/4" and tap this into the leg to hold the inner, It may help to get an assistant as your gonna be strapped to hold onto the Piece of wood keeping pressure into the Inner and undo the Allen bolt.

If your lothed to destroy your Witches Ride then sneak a Drape pole out of the house when the Wifes Washing up as these make a good substitute.:mrgreen:

Don't blame me thou if you get caught

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Greenie, you forgot tho photoshop a rider on that thing! LOL
Greenie, you forgot tho photoshop a rider on that thing! LOL
Now i knew something didn't look right :mrgreen:
Yep, I ended up squaring the handle from a spare engine stand (everyone has a spare, right?) and using it to hold the inner rod.

Found this step-by-step... it's from a Honda site, but the forks are the same/very similar... VERY helpful.

How To: Fork rebuild & revalve, Honda CBR600F4i. - BARF - Bay Area Riders Forum

Thanks for the info!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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