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1992 KX60 Help

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I just bought my son a 1992 KX60. It is very good shape. Something for him to learn the clutch on. I was wondering if anyone new where I could get info on a manual for it. Dont know much about this bike. We race KTM 50. Fluid for clutch, Proper Mix Have to make some adjustments to the clutch i think. Can only start in nuetral. If it is in gear with clutch pulled in it will not start. Maybe i am just an Idiot but I need some help before I try and teach him.
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Go to www.clymer.com They have manuals for just about everything. They are easy to follow and have great pictures to help. Make sure you have about 1/8 inch of play at the clutch lever, use a motorcycle specific gear lube for the gear box. It is normal for the bike not to start in gear with the clutch in when cold, once warm it should start. If it doesn't, you're probably experiencing some clutch drag due to the fact the clutch plates are worn. My recomendation would be to replace the clutch with the oem plates and also replace the clutch springs. This will solve your problem. You should mix your fuel and oil at 32:1. Good luck with the new ride! :smile:
Since Kawi still makes the kx60, graphics are pretty easy to come by. Just pick up a copy of any dirtbike magazine and in the back you will have plenty of companies to choose from. www.factoryeffex.com and www.rockymountainmc.com are just two places you can get them. Pretty much pick your poison! :-D
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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